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Feb 27, 2015 6:57:55

NOT white and gold. It's obvious.

Ars Linguarum Interface Improvements

Feb 24, 2015 18:38:08

I'm currently working on some major interface improvements to the Ars Linguarum page. Instead of a barebones button + textarea combo, it's going to have some overdone Bootstrap UI (~classic web developer~ amirite?).

Ars Linguarum Cleanup

Feb 23, 2015 23:39:40

I've been working on cleaning up Ars Linguarum. The most recent backup (made a minute or so ago) is very messy. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns and verbs are all represented pretty differently. Some use a plain old constructor, one uses a static .parse() method, and the other returns a function that just calls a static allForms function from ArsLinguarum.verbs.conjugation with arguments from the parsed text. It's a horrible mess. So I've been working on remedying this. I'm currently working on the verbs to make them a bit nicer.

Update Feb 24 1:07:44: The cleanup is finally done (until I find something else to clean, that is). T_T

Ludus Finalis Prorsusque Celatus Artis Linguarum Incepti

Feb 23, 2015 4:33:11

Ars Linguarum's endgame is to be the foundation of a planned project. I haven't named it yet, but it's going to automatically generate a story. I plan to manually do part-of-speech tagging on (and other analysis of) some stories, including my own Modificatio Aeneidis, and write a program to generate characters, settings and plots to produce an entire story. It's perhaps a bit ambitious (not sure how I'm going to do the plot-generation part), but it can't hurt to try.

5:04:36 AM: Vocabitur Artem Fabularum.

Ars Linguārum: Pronouns

Feb 17, 2015 20:47:22

I added pronoun support to Ars Linguarum. It can handle tricky ones like quis (common + neuter in the singular, masc + fem + neuter in the plural).

More conjugations

Feb 15, 2015 22:26:04

I added more verb conjugations to Ars Linguarum (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th deponent + 3rd, 3.5th and 4th). Fun. I plan to add guessing support to verbs. Principal parts unambiguously provide all necessary information to fully conjugate a regular verb, so it should be easy.

Ars Linguārum

Feb 14, 2015 2:54:38

I've been working on this thing that inflects Latin words. Its name (probably subject to change) is Ars Linguarum. It's pretty cool, so you should check it out. A pretty cool feature is that it's good at guessing missing parts of noun entries. Examples:

It autofills verb forms for regular verbs (though 2nd and 3rd conjugation require multiple principal parts). For 1st conjugation, it only requires the first principal part!

Previously, it guessed that laus,laudis:f is 2nd declension (as though it were laus,laī:m!) and pretty much discarded its genitive, but I fixed that by making it check the genitive to make sure it also looks like it's 2nd declension.


Feb 14, 2015 1:33:10


Feb 14, 2015 1:05:07

Greetings! I made some awful blog thing. It's absolutely terrible. Sorry.